The Endurequip Hoists Story

Proudly manufacturing Portable vehicle hoists and stands for over 30 years.

The world is changing rapidly. Today’s innovations quickly become yesterday’s news. Nowhere is this more evident than the transport industry. Personal vehicles are morphing before our eyes as manufacturers design bigger, better and safer models. Public transit needs expand and public transit vehicles must expand with those needs. And above all, safety is ever evolving to keep you, your family and your team safe.

While progress is always a good thing, sometimes keeping up can be hard! Endurequip makes it easy! Today’s transport industry demands a workshop system which offers lifting flexibility and unquestionable safety. Endurequip hoists are specifically designed for safety and reliability.

  • We have been manufacturing our signature PORTALIFT Heavy Vehicle Hoists for over 30 years right here in Australia.
  • All Endurequip Hoist products are locally designed and manufactured.
  • As a subsidiary of RUD Australia since 2015, our expert team of engineers works to find lifting solutions for your needs from our facility in Brisbane.
  • We are trusted by bus and rail transit, fire brigades and local authorities throughout Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. We are even the exclusive provider of hoist services for the Australian Defence Force!

At Endurequip, we believe in the core values of quality, durability and safety. We know how hard you work and we design our products to work right along with you.

Endurequip quality


We use the finest materials combined with the best in efficient design. Endurequip products are completely flexible, easy-to-use and extremely low maintenance. Most importantly, our hoists are designed to anticipate every heavy vehicle scenario and address it.

Endurequip durability


Your work is tough and you need something equally strong to help you. Endurequip products are engineered to keep working no matter the conditions. All products have a structural life of 25 years! They are dust proof and water resistant, which means you can set up anywhere. Features like our special RUD calibrated high quality chain drive mean less maintenance and less wear on your equipment. So you can keep right on working.

Endurequip safety


Protecting your valuable team members is high on Endurequip’s list of priorities. That’s why our products feature every safety consideration possible. From emergency stops to keyed safety locks and remote control panels, we aim to keep you safe.

For more information on any of our products or services get in touch with our friendly product specialists for a personalised approach to your needs. Call us on 07 3809 1399 or click below.


Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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