• Australian Manufacturing Week

    June 7th, 2022 | by
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    Endurequip Hoist proudly supports the Australian Manufacturing Week Expo (6-12 June) at Sydney.

    Our BDM Brett Beveridge is attending the event and you can contact him for more details on the only Australian Made portable heavy vehicle hoist or call us on 07 3809 1399.

    Without Trucks Australia Stops. But when trucks need to go, Endurequip keeps them going!

  • Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Bus Fleet Management

    April 2nd, 2020 | by
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    Endurequip Develops Heavy Vehicle Stands and buses for Gemilang Australia 

    Established in 2009 and headquartered in Mitchell Park, Ballarat, Gemilang Australia is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of aluminium buses for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The company has 16 employees and has produced more than 300 buses thus far. Gemilang is committed to contributing to the Australian economy, so they prioritise building ties with other local businesses.


    Gemilang has been successfully winning contracts over the years. In this particular case, they were commissioned to fabricate new buses for the Victoria government. But in order to fulfil the manufacturing requirements, Gemilang needed heavy vehicle hoists and stands that would provide full underbody access to the bus ‘bird cages’ during assembly. They needed the equipment to be durable, high-quality and safe to facilitate efficient bus assembly work and ensure workplace safety.


    Gemilang, headed by Executive Manager Sarah Forbes, approached Endurequip upon the recommendation of the Victorian family-owned bus operator Dysons. Dysons’ Sam Distefano, Group Manager of Fleet Services, advised Gemilang to buy only from Endurequip – a company known for its reputation for delivering only the best trouble-free, reliable service.                                                       

    Proudly All Things Australian 

    The fact that Endurequip products are proudly Australian made also made it easier for Gemilang to decide to follow Dysons’ recommendation.
    Endurequip supplied a set of four Portalift heavy vehicle hoists and vehicle stands. Portalift hoists make use of the unique RUD chain drive system, which enables them to safely support heavy vehicles weighing as much as 30 tonnes.  

    The Endurequip vehicle stands enabled Gemilang to simultaneously access and work on various vehicles and machinery. These vehicle stands have a standard rating of 7.5 tonnes per stand and are easily adjusted to various heights. They also have the added advantage of being easy to move around the workshop due to their spring-loaded wheels. Upon delivery of the hoists, the Gemilang team underwent training in the safe operation of the Portalifts. 


    As expected, the Portalifts and vehicle stands worked to provide stable, durable and safe support as the Gemilang assembly team worked on each of the buses. The equipment fabricated by Endurequip facilitated easy underbody access so that all work was carried out efficiently, safely and in a timely manner.
    With the availability of reliable maintenance equipment like the Portalift hoists supplied by Endurequip, Gemilang was able to successfully deliver new bus fleets to the Government of Victoria.

    An Investment for the Future

    “At Gemilang, we’re confident that our high-quality Endurequip-made Portalifts and vehicle stands will continue to serve us well as we build more buses for the Australian market. These provide us unparalleled underbody access, thereby giving our clients the reassurance that every single bus component, from top to bottom, is designed, manufactured, secured and inspected thoroughly by our engineers and technicians.”

  • When Safety and Reliability is a must

    January 16th, 2020 | by
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    Oversized trucks can be difficult to service. The equipment needed is different from that of a regular vehicle. It’s harder to find good equipment, and it’s harder to maintain. When you are in a remote area, the service charge for repairing the equipment can be astronomical. Endurequip is well aware of these challenges, faced by businesses in the area, and when Spurty’s Mechanical reached out to them, they worked together to find the perfect solution.


    Spurty’s Mechanical provides service and maintenance to trucks and other heavy vehicles. Located in Kalgoorlie, WA, a hub for the trucking industry where oversized trucks frequently stop for repairs and servicing.
    The remote location meant that Spurty’s was on the lookout for equipment that would stand up to the harsh terrain, red dust, and environmental conditions prone to Western Australia.
    In order to service the oversized trucks and trailers, they needed hoists that were:

    • Reliable and proven in the industry
    • Easy to maintain, with little downtime for maintenance
    • Quality products with safety of their employees a key priority for the business.


    When Spurty’s Mechanical started looking for new and updated equipment, they reached out to us at Endurequip, knowing our reputation in the industry.

    They investigated the option of Bluetooth hoists but realised that these were prone to syncing issues, meaning that trucks could have potentially being stuck on the lifts, resulting in longer downtime and a loss of productivity while this key issue was rectified.

    With emergency stops and safety locks, our hoists were a draw to Spurty’s. Our simple maintenance program yet reliable chain technology means that Endurequip, together with our national authorised repairer network, are able to maintain the hoists for Spurty’s, allowing them to focus on their core business. A win for a busy repair and service shop.

    Flexible Customer Terms

    On top of the product itself, our financing partner, A Class Business Finance, was able to provide a flexible financial plan for Spurty’s to help with the purchase of the hoists and other workshop accessories, setting up invoicing according to Spurty’s needs.

    With all the pieces of the puzzle falling together, we were able to get Spurty’s up and running with their hoists quickly, allowing them to get a jump on the trucks waiting in the shop.


    The hoists make it easier for them to work with the heavy trucks daily. The ease of access to the truck to change out large components makes their jobs easier and safer. It allows the employees to focus on the mechanical issues they are servicing.

    Spurty’s have now extended their Endurequip range with the additional purchase of two hoist posts and other workshop accessories to add to their capabilities.

    With Spurty’s customers being happy, the employees can focus on doing what they do best – fixing trucks to keep Australia moving.

  • The Proven Value of Australian Made Products

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    Every day, we hear about the importance of choosing Australian made products and supporting local businesses. But, the market is extremely saturated with so many claims and options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Especially if you’re not sure what the differences are. What should you look for when you buy your next pieces of heavy workshop equipment? Why is it important?

    Australian-Owned and Made

    At Endurequip Hoists, we are the only company that offers chain-driven heavy vehicle hoists made in Australia. You’ll get an Australian-owned company that produces Australian made products that can be distributed Australia-wide.

    Each Portalift Hoist comes with the iconic Australian-made logo. This logo is Australia’s most recognised, trusted, and widely used symbol, and it’s synonymous with quality. Our customers can rest assured that they’re purchasing premium-quality and authentic products. They meet all of the demanding standards set.

    Why is this Important?

    Because Endurequip Hoists is an Australian owned company, the direct impact of purchasing our products and supporting this business opens the door for a direct cash flow into the Australian economy. Every time you purchase a Portalift Hoist for your business, you get the guarantee that we’re putting this money right back into local businesses. 

    We use a local electrical supplier, local powder coating company and we use Australian-made steel to name just a few. This can be a huge boost that has nothing but a positive impact. 

    Being Australian-made also provides excellent quality control throughout our engineering and manufacturing process. We’re able to tell exactly where our materials are coming from for each Portalift Hoist we produce. The meticulous attention to detail, coupled with the quality build, is the only way we can live up to the rigorous standards required by this logo. Additionally, you can even drop by our manufacturing facility located in the Brisbane suburb of Larapinta to see us producing your Portalifts to ensure their quality! 

    We carefully design and manufacture our products to meet and exceed both Australian and New Zealand standards. These exacting standards include AS/NZS 1418.9:1996 and AS/NZS 2550.9:1996 and are one of the important reasons why the Australian Defence Force has placed their trust in Endurequip Hoists.

    Endurequip Hoists – Setting a New Standard for Heavy Vehicle Hoists 

    The Endurequip Hoists brand promise centres around two pillars of reliability and trustworthiness because we know in your business, safety is paramount. Our product quality, backed by a dedicated team of people help us uphold these pillars.

    They’ve allowed us to lay a solid foundation for creating and selling exceptional products like our Portalift Hoists as well as a range of hoist accessories including, drive on-off ramps, heavy vehicle stands and A-Frame adaptors especially suited to truck trailers.

    Being proudly Australian-owned and made also sets us apart from our competition. No other company sources parts directly from Australia. Instead, they get their parts offshore. While this may be cheaper, it can also make them hard to find and replace when things go wrong. This translates into more downtime for your company because there’s a delay in service and productivity. But when you deal with us, you get to deal directly with the manufacturer, not an importer or distributor. We have real skin in the game as we are responsible for what we make.

    Ready to find out more about Australian-made products? Do you have questions about our Portalift Hoist? If so, we’re ready to help. Our staff are on hand and ready to answer your questions. You can get in touch today!

  • 5 Ways That Heavy Vehicle Hoists Maximise Your Productivity and Profits

    March 12th, 2019 | by
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    For most Australian businesses, increasing productivity in the workplace is a common goal. 

    In a truck workshop, for instance, productivity is measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input. This means getting trucks in and out as quickly as possible. Designed to exacting standards, Portalift heavy vehicle hoists offers a lifting system that is simple to operate and allows complete underbody access for fast and efficient maintenance of your fleet. 

    Here are 5 ways heavy vehicle hoists can improve your productivity and profits… 

    1. Increases ease of access for servicing 

    By raising a vehicle on a heavy vehicle hoist such as Portalift, technicians will have much better access to “trouble spots” such as the suspension and other areas, as compared to when the vehicle is simply raised on a jack.

    Your technicians will also be able to work on a lifted vehicle while standing up, rather than having to lay flat on a creeper. This also makes it much easier for them to access hand tools and other necessary auto service equipment more quickly and efficiently.

    2. Reduces required prep time per vehicle 

    With a more versatile heavy-duty lift, your workshop will be able to service commercial trucks without the need for long downtime periods. This means your technicians will be able to get it up on the lift and ready for servicing in a matter of minutes.

    3. Asset management

    When you choose a hoist that incorporates advanced technology in their design, this makes asset management more efficient.  For instance, Portalift Hoists have the latest Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) chip installation. Each hoist has a unique chip number, meaning a fleet of hoists can be tracked easily and efficiently. You can also take advantage of this technology to track your service records or operation manuals. Ask us how!

    4. In-house maintenance costs reduced 

    Portalift hoists are the most economical on the market to maintain. Annual service requirements and general maintenance can be performed in-house, we’ll show you how!

    5. Helps attract quality employees 

    One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that auto technicians will actively seek employment in a workshop that’s fitted out with the best equipment. This is because they know that by working with the most modern, up-to-date vehicle servicing gear, they’ll not only add to their skills, but also have the best chance of career success. As Portalift is utilised by training institutions across Australia, such as the Bendigo Kangan Institute, your current and future employees would more than likely be familiar with its operations.

    Equip your workshop with high quality heavy vehicle hoists, to not only give yourself the best chance of attracting more talented employees, but also retain them for longer. This can save your business the time and money used to find and train new employees.


    At Endurequip, we understand that you always have an eye on productivity and the bottom line. So to make sure your workshop is performing at its best in both areas, choose quality heavy vehicle hoists from Endurequip and help your technicians do more in less time.

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Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

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