Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Bus Fleet Management

Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Bus Fleet Management

April 2, 2020

Endurequip Develops Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Gemilang (Nexport) Australia 

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Mitchell Park, Ballarat, Gemilang Australia (currently Nexport P/L) is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of buses and coaches for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The company has 16 employees and has produced more than 300 buses thus far. Nexport is committed to contributing to the Australian economy, so they prioritise building ties with other local businesses.


Nexport has been successfully winning contracts over the years. In this particular case, they were commissioned to fabricate new buses for the Victoria government. But in order to fulfil the manufacturing requirements, Nexport needed heavy vehicle hoists and stands that would provide full underbody access to the bus ‘bird cages’ during assembly. They needed the equipment to be durable, high-quality and safe to facilitate efficient bus assembly work and ensure workplace safety.


Nexport approached Endurequip upon the recommendation of the Victorian family-owned bus operator Dysons Group. Dysons’ Sam Distefano, Group Manager of Fleet Services, advised Nexport to buy only from Endurequip - a company known for its reputation for delivering only the best trouble-free, reliable service.                                                       

Proudly All Things Australian 

The fact that Endurequip products are proudly Australian made also made it easier for Nexport to decide to follow Dysons’ recommendation.

Endurequip supplied a set of four Portalift heavy vehicle hoists and vehicle stands. Portalift hoists make use of the unique RUD chain drive system, which enables them to safely support heavy vehicles weighing as much as 30 tonnes.  

The Endurequip vehicle stands enabled Nexport to simultaneously access and work on various vehicles and machinery. These vehicle stands have a standard rating of 7.5 tonnes per stand and are easily adjusted to various heights. They also have the added advantage of being easy to move around the workshop due to their spring-loaded wheels. Upon delivery of the hoists, the Nexport team underwent training in the safe operation of the Portalifts. 


As expected, the Portalifts and vehicle stands worked to provide stable, durable and safe support as the Nexport assembly team worked on each of the buses. The equipment fabricated by Endurequip facilitated easy underbody access so that all work was carried out efficiently, safely and in a timely manner.

With the availability of reliable maintenance equipment like the Portalift hoists supplied by Endurequip, Nexport was able to successfully deliver new bus fleets to the Government of Victoria.

An Investment for the Future

“At Nexport, we are confident that our high-quality Endurequip-made Portalifts and vehicle stands will continue to serve us well as we build more buses for the Australian market. These provide us unparalleled underbody access, thereby giving our clients the reassurance that every single bus component, from top to bottom, is designed, manufactured, secured and inspected thoroughly by our engineers and technicians.”

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I value the simplicity of design and ease of maintenance. Unlike other complicated electronic hoists on the market, the Portalift hoist are simple to service, with spare parts easy to get. This is important when you need your hoists to keep operating with minimum disruption. Portalift hoists are an asset to any workshop, heavy duty and reliable.

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