Workshop Lifting & Handling Solutions to suit every requirement.

At Endurequip, we believe in Quality, Durability and Safety. We know how important your business is to you and we design our solutions to work with you.


  • Endurequip products are manufactured using quality materials with efficient design.
  • Endurequip products are easy to use with low maintenance.
  • Endurequip products are designed to offer complete solutions for your business.


  • Endurequip products are engineered to keep working no matter the conditions.
  • Endurequip products have a structural life of 25 years! They are dustproof and water-resistant, which means you can set up anywhere.
  • Endurequip hoists use special RUD-calibrated high-quality chain drives, which means less maintenance and wear, so you can keep working.


  • Endurequip places high importance on employee and staff safety.
  • Our products include every possible safety consideration. From emergency stops to keyed safety locks and remote control panels, our job is to keep you safe.

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