Endurequip Develops Heavy Vehicle Hoists for Gemilang (Nexport) Australia 

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Mitchell Park, Ballarat, Gemilang Australia (currently Nexport P/L) is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of buses and coaches for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The company has 16 employees and has produced more than 300 buses thus far. Nexport is committed to contributing to the Australian economy, so they prioritise building ties with other local businesses.


Nexport has been successfully winning contracts over the years. In this particular case, they were commissioned to fabricate new buses for the Victoria government. But in order to fulfil the manufacturing requirements, Nexport needed heavy vehicle hoists and stands that would provide full underbody access to the bus ‘bird cages’ during assembly. They needed the equipment to be durable, high-quality and safe to facilitate efficient bus assembly work and ensure workplace safety.


Nexport approached Endurequip upon the recommendation of the Victorian family-owned bus operator Dysons Group. Dysons’ Sam Distefano, Group Manager of Fleet Services, advised Nexport to buy only from Endurequip - a company known for its reputation for delivering only the best trouble-free, reliable service.                                                       

Proudly All Things Australian 

The fact that Endurequip products are proudly Australian made also made it easier for Nexport to decide to follow Dysons’ recommendation.

Endurequip supplied a set of four Portalift heavy vehicle hoists and vehicle stands. Portalift hoists make use of the unique RUD chain drive system, which enables them to safely support heavy vehicles weighing as much as 30 tonnes.  

The Endurequip vehicle stands enabled Nexport to simultaneously access and work on various vehicles and machinery. These vehicle stands have a standard rating of 7.5 tonnes per stand and are easily adjusted to various heights. They also have the added advantage of being easy to move around the workshop due to their spring-loaded wheels. Upon delivery of the hoists, the Nexport team underwent training in the safe operation of the Portalifts. 


As expected, the Portalifts and vehicle stands worked to provide stable, durable and safe support as the Nexport assembly team worked on each of the buses. The equipment fabricated by Endurequip facilitated easy underbody access so that all work was carried out efficiently, safely and in a timely manner.

With the availability of reliable maintenance equipment like the Portalift hoists supplied by Endurequip, Nexport was able to successfully deliver new bus fleets to the Government of Victoria.

An Investment for the Future

“At Nexport, we are confident that our high-quality Endurequip-made Portalifts and vehicle stands will continue to serve us well as we build more buses for the Australian market. These provide us unparalleled underbody access, thereby giving our clients the reassurance that every single bus component, from top to bottom, is designed, manufactured, secured and inspected thoroughly by our engineers and technicians.”

Oversized trucks can be difficult to service. The equipment needed is different from that of a regular vehicle. It’s harder to find good equipment, and it’s harder to maintain. When you are in a remote area, the service charge for repairing the equipment can be astronomical. Endurequip is well aware of these challenges, faced by businesses in the area, and when Spurty’s Mechanical reached out to them, they worked together to find the perfect solution.


Spurty’s Mechanical provides service and maintenance to trucks and other heavy vehicles. Located in Kalgoorlie, WA, a hub for the trucking industry where oversized trucks frequently stop for repairs and servicing.
The remote location meant that Spurty’s was on the lookout for equipment that would stand up to the harsh terrain, red dust, and environmental conditions prone to Western Australia.
In order to service the oversized trucks and trailers, they needed hoists that were:

• Reliable and proven in the industry
• Easy to maintain, with little downtime for maintenance
• Quality products with safety of their employees a key priority for the business.


When Spurty’s Mechanical started looking for new and updated equipment, they reached out to us at Endurequip, knowing our reputation in the industry.

They investigated the option of Bluetooth hoists but realised that these were prone to syncing issues, meaning that trucks could have potentially being stuck on the lifts, resulting in longer downtime and a loss of productivity while this key issue was rectified.

With emergency stops and safety locks, our hoists were a draw to Spurty’s. Our simple maintenance program yet reliable chain technology means that Endurequip, together with our national authorised repairer network, are able to maintain the hoists for Spurty's, allowing them to focus on their core business. A win for a busy repair and service shop.

Flexible Customer Terms

On top of the product itself, our financing partner, A Class Business Finance, was able to provide a flexible financial plan for Spurty’s to help with the purchase of the hoists and other workshop accessories, setting up invoicing according to Spurty’s needs.

With all the pieces of the puzzle falling together, we were able to get Spurty’s up and running with their hoists quickly, allowing them to get a jump on the trucks waiting in the shop.


The hoists make it easier for them to work with the heavy trucks daily. The ease of access to the truck to change out large components makes their jobs easier and safer. It allows the employees to focus on the mechanical issues they are servicing.

Spurty’s have now extended their Endurequip range with the additional purchase of two hoist posts and other workshop accessories to add to their capabilities.

With Spurty’s customers being happy, the employees can focus on doing what they do best - fixing trucks to keep Australia moving.


Volvo Commercial Vehicles is one of the most demanding workshops in Brisbane and turned to Endurequip as their partner to help them continue their operations.

Volvo Commercial Vehicles - 45 Years Strong

For the last 45 years, Volvo Commercial Vehicles (VCV) have designed and built over 60,000 trucks in their facility located at Wacol, QLD. Volvo's dealership provides businesses with highly professional truck servicing facilities in three areas, including:

  1. Mechanical repairs and servicing 
  2. Accident repairs
  3. Pre-delivery
  4. The refurbishment of Brisbane city bus fleet

VCV's Key Requirements

Volvo were actively seeking a trusted partner to increase their workshop efficiencies in order to support their technicians, whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing. 

When looking for the perfect hoist for the job, Rodney Barron, Service Manager for VCV, knew he needed a hoist that was:

  1. Safe for everyone,
  2. Top-quality, and
  3. Able to provide full underbody access to the trucks.

The Endurequip Hoist Solution 

Rodney wanted to set up VCV's workshop with the best heavy vehicle hoists the market has on offer, in order to maximise productivity, efficiency and ensure the safety of his technicians. 

Endurequip Portalift Hoists ticked all the boxes and was the perfect solution for VCV's Wacol, Nerang and Pinkeba workshops. 

The Benefits of Portalift Hoists 

Productivity is Key

"The boys love them!"Rodney exclaimed. "The hoists are very simple to use, allow full underbody access and can easily be operated by a single technician in our workshop. This has increased workshop flow and reduced our turnover time for service, which is essential in our fast paced line of work in the busiest truck workshop in Brisbane."

Locally Made Backed By Local Service

"Similar to Portalift, our trucks are proudly Australian made, so we know how much attention to detail and quality engineering goes towards products that also carry the iconic 'Australian Made' logo," Rodney acknowledged. 

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Endurequip Helping New Businesses Get Ahead

Endurequip's 100% Australian Made Portalift Hoists are being used throughout Australia by small businesses looking to save money and time, whilst increasing productivity. A new small business, located in QLD, approached Endurequip for a quality heavy vehicle hoist solution to help kickstart their operations.

Dan's Truck Detailing is a recently established business founded by Dan. The company provides a reputable truck detailing service that cleans, corrects and protects the paint surface, as well as spray paint designs for truck fleets of all shapes & sizes.

Dan knew he needed a durable, reliable hoist that would provide full underbody access to the trucks, which could also be permanently used in the wash bay. 

With Dan's experience in the trucking industry, he also understood the important of quality and safety in his workshop equipment to boost productivity, maximise convenience and provide a secure working environment. 

The Benefits Of Portalift Hoists

Reliability Is Key

"Through working in the truck game for a while, I've seen a lot of truck hoists. Endurequip's Portalifts are the most convenient and portable for a one-man job. The hoists simply roll in and out and you can adjust them to whatever size you want. As they are easy to use, this saves us time and increases flow in the workshop," Dan stated. 

"I've seen other brands but we find that Endurequip offers the most safety. Obviously there's a life working under there all day so we want the best for our employees. It really is a small price to pay for a lot of security." 

Locally Made Backed By Local Service

"The customer service from the Endurequip team has been outstanding," Dan acknowledged. "There was a specialist who came out to set the hoists up and trying us in their use. He also maintains them on a regular basis. You don't get this type of service with equipment that is made overseas. 

This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to do business with Endurequip because their equipment is entirely made in Australia. It is a lot less stressful knowing that you have Endurequip Hoists on your doorstep willing to help you out. 

I set up my workshop the right way, with the best quality, safe and durable equipment. I am glad that I didn't try to cut costs by working with a company that manufactures their equipment overseas. 

Now I am able to run a productive business and provide a reputable service, with complete peace of mind that my employees are safe." 


At Endurequip, we believe in the core values of quality, durability and safety. We know how hard you work and we design our products to work right along with you.

Endurequip quality


We use the finest materials combined with the best in efficient design. Endurequip products are completely flexible, easy-to-use and extremely low maintenance. Most importantly, our hoists are designed to anticipate every heavy vehicle scenario and address it.

Endurequip durability


Your work is tough and you need something equally strong to help you. Endurequip products are engineered to keep working no matter the conditions. All products have a structural life of 25 years! They are dust proof and water resistant, which means you can set up anywhere. Features like our special RUD calibrated high quality chain drive mean less maintenance and less wear on your equipment. So you can keep right on working.

Endurequip safety


Protecting your valuable team members is high on Endurequip’s list of priorities. That’s why our products feature every safety consideration possible. From emergency stops to keyed safety locks and remote control panels, we aim to keep you safe.

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