Vehicle Service Pits or Mobile Vehicle Hoists?

Vehicle Service Pits or Mobile Vehicle Hoists?

September 5, 2022

Fixed Vehicle Service Pits or Mobile Heavy Vehicle Hoists?

Across Australia there are numerous workshops using the traditional method of servicing heavy vehicles: the pit. This hole in the garage or workshop floor at first glance looks like an ideal solution, but a mobile hoist may work out better for you in the long run.

Many automotive workshops with a pit hesitate to upgrade because of the inclination to not change the way things have been working. However, is it a good ROI to upgrade a pit to a mobile hoist set up?

Let’s look at a few factors when comparing a pit with a mobile hoist:


An argument always used by the pro-pit mechanics is the ease of driving a vehicle quickly over a pit comparing to the process required to lift a vehicle. While a pit may look like it can be faster, consider the benefits of using mobile heavy vehicle hoists:

  1. Flexible setup anywhere in the workshop, not fixed to a location
  2. Easy access to tools, outer area of trucks/buses and no fall hazard
  3. Adjustable height depending on the work tasks, not fixed pit


Health & Safety

A pit requires good ventilation and drainage to prevent the build-up of exhaust gases and water that may collect. Also, electrical connections need to be monitored very frequently from the risk of damage when using power tools in a cramped space. While a pit can be covered when not in use, there is always a risk of someone falling into a pit. Hoists do not have the limitation of confined spaces. According to the Australian Trucking Association, truck safety is very important as per their 2022 charter policy for both road and off-road productivity which includes mechanics working on them in workshops.

Return on Investment

The cost of installing a pit with the proper ventilation and drainage is likely to be around 5 times the cost of installing a hoist. More importantly, it will require weeks or months of disruption to the workshop. A disruption to an operational workshop can reduce productivity and add to costs which may not be recouped. A hoist does not change the layout of the workshop, unlike a pit which changes the layout permanently. The best benefit of hoists is that you can take them with you if you are relocating or moving your workshop.

A well maintained and regularly serviced mobile hoist which takes very less time to be commissioned and will retain much of its value for many years. In the long run, an Australian manufactured mobile hoist like Endurequip will recoup the money over the lifetime of the equipment.

Are mobile hoists the best solution for heavy vehicle truck or bus workshop?

Mobile heavy vehicle hoists such as Portalift from Endurequip offer you the flexibility to move the posts anywhere, indoor, or outdoor unlike a fixed pit. You can use combination of hoist posts, depending on the length of the vehicle, from 4, 6, 8 and 10 to increase the lift up-to 75 tonnes.

Hoists can also be used with vehicle ramps which offer the advantages of drive-in, drive-out like a pit but without the safety risks. They can also be integrated with rails to support hydraulic jacks if required.

Mobile hoists work best when space is at a premium

A pit or a fixed hoist takes up valuable space in a workshop. As we pointed earlier, hoists make it easier access to tools and outer area of trucks/buses with adjustable height depending on the work tasks.

With Endurequip Portalift Hoists, you can move the posts since they are mounted on wheels out of the way and don’t take up valuable floor space in your workshop.

Looking for more advice on an Australian made lifting option for your workshop?

Before you decide on either a pit or a fixed hoist, it is a good idea to have a chat with Endurequip. We can assess your workshop including any future expansion and advise you on the right solution for your requirements.

As Australia’s Number 1 and the only Australian Made portable heavy vehicle hoist company, Endurequip has a twenty-year structural warranty, five-year mechanical warranty, and one-year electrical warranty to give you peace of mind for years to come.

Without Trucks Australia Stops. But when trucks need to go, Endurequip keeps them going!

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