Spurty’s Mechanical partners with Endurequip Hoists

Spurty’s Mechanical partners with Endurequip Hoists

October 25, 2023
Merwyn Machado

Oversized trucks can be difficult to service. The equipment needed for such trucks is different from that of a regular heavy vehicle. It is hard to find good equipment and harder to service and maintain. The challenge multiplies when you are in a remote area because the service charge to maintain and repair the equipment can be astronomical.

Being in the heavy vehicle lift industry for over 35 years, Endurequip is aware of these challenges faced by businesses and when Spurty’s Mechanical reached out, we worked together to find the perfect solution.

The Challenge

Spurty’s Mechanical provides maintenance and repair services to trucks and other heavy vehicles. Located in Kalgoorlie, WA, a hub for the trucking industry where oversized trucks frequently stop for repairs and servicing. The remote location meant that Spurty’s was seeking equipment that would stand up to the harsh terrain, red dust, and environmental conditions of Western Australia.

To service the oversized trucks and trailers, they needed hoists that were:

  • Reliable and proven in the industry.
  • Easy to maintain, with little downtime for maintenance.
  • Quality build to ensure the safety of their employees, which was a key priority for the business.

The Solution

Spurty’s Mechanical started searching for new and used equipment and reached out to us, aware of our reputation in the industry.

They researched the option of battery-powered Bluetooth hoists but realised that these were prone to syncing and bandwidth issues, meaning that trucks could face the risk of potentially being stuck on the lifts. This could result in unplanned downtime and a loss of productivity when the issue is rectified.

With emergency stops and safety locks, Endurequip Hoists were a primary choice. Our simple operation with reliable RUD chain technology and an authorised service network in WA meant ease of convenience and faster accessibility should any maintenance issues arise.  It was a win for a busy repair and service shop that wanted to concentrate on its core business, repairing trucks.

Flexible Customer Terms

Our financing partner, A Class Business Finance, also offered a flexible financial plan to help with the purchase of hoists and other workshop accessories. We set up the commissioning and installation quickly, allowing them to get a jump on the trucks waiting in the shop.

The Results

Endurequip Portalift Hoists has made it easy for Spurty’s to work efficiently and quickly. The ease of access to the truck to replace or access large parts makes their jobs quicker and safer. It also offers the mechanics more time to fix the truck than on the hoists.

Paul Szolkowski from Spurty’s Mechanical said, “These hoists are exactly what we were looking for. The portability and easy use with just one man has lightened the load in our shop. The hoists are easy to use, safe, and can handle the harsh outdoors that we subject them to. Endurequip really came through for us.”

Spurty’s have extended their Endurequip range with the purchase of two more hoist posts and other workshop accessories.

Without Trucks, Australia Stops! But when trucks need to go, Endurequip keeps them going!

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I value the simplicity of design and ease of maintenance. Unlike other complicated electronic hoists on the market, the Portalift hoist are simple to service, with spare parts easy to get. This is important when you need your hoists to keep operating with minimum disruption. Portalift hoists are an asset to any workshop, heavy duty and reliable.

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