Choosing the right heavy vehicle hoist - Part 1

Choosing the right heavy vehicle hoist - Part 1

August 9, 2022

A vehicle hoist is an extremely valuable piece of equipment. In this article, we will be discussing heavy vehicle hoists only.

There are many types of heavy vehicle hoists in the market and the basic types are the fixed hoists and mobile hoists. Fixed hoists are fixed to the ground and can be divided into 2 post hoists or 4 post hoists while mobile hoists are only used with 4 posts and multiples thereof.

The hoists you choose depends on your workshop requirements and the type and size of vehicles. However, you need to consider the following before you decide:

Quality or Price?
As with every product, quality comes with price. However, when you consider factors such as safety, country of manufacture, compliance, etc you will need to decide what is best for your requirements in the long term. Buying a hoist is a solid investment so take the time to understand the differences between the types of hoists and make sure to choose quality over price.

Safety is one of the most important factors in a workshop and your employees trust you as the employer to ensure equipment they operate is safe and secure. Hence, your buying decision should be guided by the quality and safety reputation of the equipment rather than by the cheapest offer available.

Endurequip puts safety first every step of the way. Adhering to Australian standards 2550.9.1996, AS/NZS 2538:2004 and ISO 9001, the Endurequip Portalift Hoist features emergency stops, remote control pendant operation, a keyed safety lock, providing peace of mind for all operators. Read more about Endurequip Portalift Hoist here.


After Sales Support
A hoist is an integral part of an automotive workshop, and it is very important to ensure that the hoist you buy his backed by an after-sales-support. Check the equipment brand reliability and reputation, parts availability and service centres, commissioning (installation) process by the technicians, annual or periodical safety inspections, etc. Remember that if your hoist is not operational, it means your staff will not be working and you will have to suffer expensive downtime.

Endurequip offers a dedicated on-site service through a network of authorised service agents across Australia. The after-sales-support is done through technicians who are trained and capable. Check our network of authorised agents here.

Make sure that the hoist that you are going to purchase meets compliance, including local workplace laws and requirement.

Endurequip adheres to Australian standards 9.1996, AS/NZS 2538:2004 and ISO 9001.

Read what Gemilang (Now Nexport) say about Endurequip Hoists which they have installed at their bus and coach manufacturing factory at Ballarat, Victoria. Full article here.

Warranty - Replacement Plan
Always read the fine print in the hoist warranty. A heavy vehicle hoist has a long lifespan and needs a replacement plan to ensure your work does not get caught out or face possible downtime if it breaks down at the end of its lifespan. It is very important to create a hoist replacement plan, so that as the hoists age they allow for the cost of a replacement hoist in the budget.

Endurequip has a twenty-year structural warranty, five-year mechanical warranty and one-year electrical warranty. Endurequip is Australia’s Number 1 and the only Australian Made portable heavy vehicle hoist company, giving you peace of mind with over three decades of industry knowledge.


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